Milano Marittima and surroundings

Milano Marittima and surroundings

Cervia, the city of salt, with the town of Milano Marittima, is today one of the most renowned Italian tourist centers that also enjoys international fame.

To welcome you an area rich in natural beauty, traditions, culture, history and hospitable places that can offer countless attractions for a holiday dedicated to wellness, fun and relaxation.

Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima, which celebrated in 2012 a hundred years of activity, an elegant and famous resort on the Adriatic coast, has preserved over the years a truly exclusive charm and atmosphere. Tourists are impressed not only by the beauty of the place but also by its refined style and high quality services.

The beautiful centuries-old pine forest, tree-lined avenues, parks for children, equipped beaches, make Milano Marittima the ideal place for family holidays.

But this is not all, Milano Marittima is also the ideal meeting place for young people: many bars and street bars offering music and entertainment, restaurants and various shopping opportunities.


Called the ancient City of Salt by its famous Saline, a natural oasis of 827 hectares with birdwatching routes and countless bird species, Cervia is not only a seaside resort, but a city rich in culture and history.

You can relax in the modern thermal baths, immersed in the green of the pine forest, with modern, spacious and functional environments. Here the salsobromojodica water and the mud extracted from the salt pans are used with various methods of application for different therapeutic purposes pertaining to otorhinolaryngology and osteoarticular.

Not to be missed, the Magazzini del Sale, which are home to major exhibitions and exhibitions, and the Salt Museum, the S. Michele Tower, the Cathedral, the Palazzo Comunale and Piazza Garibaldi, the heart of the historic center, where they come hosted prestigious events, markets and concerts.

Ravenna, city of art

Ravenna is a treasure trove of art, history and culture of first magnitude, a city of ancient origins with a glorious past.

In the baptistries and in the basilicas of the city the richest patrimony of humanity mosaics dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries is preserved and eight monuments of Ravenna are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Ravenna is the city that houses the tomb of Dante Alighieri and keeps its memory alive with important cultural events.